Thursday, September 23, 2010

Talk Nerdy To Me

*Disclaimer: The following blog post contains nerdy subject matter that may not be suitable and/or interesting to all readers.*
You have been warned.

  Today in one of my classes, the word "nerd" came up in discussion. It was in a poem we were reading, and we were talking about the meaning of the word, whether it has negative or positive connotations. The general consensus was that it depends who you are. If you are a nerd, being a nerd isn't a bad thing, but if you aren't one, it is. One guy in my class said nerds are taking over the meaning of the word, and "making it their own."
  This discussion reminded me of one I had on Monday night with my boyfriend.
  I was telling my boyfriend that I love playing Magic, The Gathering now. Magic, The Gathering is a 'nerdy' card game.

For people who are interested: he just bought us both starter kits (the 285 card deck builder toolkits, to be specific) and I started to play. I learned how to play on Thursday night, and played on Saturday night, and I have two decks now (one green and white one that my friend  helped me put together when I was learning how to play and one “Red Burn” one that I made.) and I really like it.
  Anyway, I said that I want to go around telling people I play so I can find out if they do, so I can have more people to play with, and he said that is a bad social strategy, and people will judge me and not want to be my friend, and even people who play will laugh at me. Then we started talking about the stigma placed on nerdy things like Magic and D&D, etc. We have a friend who plays D&D and he always calls it "that game" or says stuff like, "I may or may not play D&D with that person and that's how I know them." My boyfriend said there's a reason he does that - to avoid judgement. Well, I think it's stupid. I told my boyfriend that I hate it, and  I think people should just be proud of the things they like, and also people should accept other people for their nerdiness or differentness, whatever it may be. I realize this is very idealistic, but we all have our 'guilty pleasures' or 'secret shames.' I have a lot and I don't always talk about them. 

  For instance, in my post yesterday I mentioned that I am a Nerdfighter. This isn't something I'm ashamed of, but it isn't something most people know about me.
What is a Nerdfighter?
  In 2007, these two American brothers who lived far away from each other decided to make video blogs to each other every weekday for a year, alternating days. They also decided not to communicate textually, so the videos were there primary form of communication. They made these videos on the YouTube channel Vlogbrothers. Because they were smart and funny, people started watching the videos, and because one brother thought the game Aero Fighters was called Nerd Fighters, they started calling their followers Nerdfighters and this whole community of nerds sort of sprung up around their videos, and I am a member of that community, I suppose. 
  Basically, they make funny, intelligent videos about world events, thinking and reading critically, and a lot of other random stuff, and I like it. 

Watch this video. This is pretty much what I am talking about in this blog post.
Also watch this video from about 0:40 to about 1:40. 

  Now, I have never been too concerned with what the 'cool kids' think of me, probably because I always thought nerds were the cool kids. I think my friends are very cool, even if they do nerdy things. And for my friend who plays D&D and is ashamed of it, if you are reading this, stop hiding your true nerdy self from the world! (only sort of joking.)

If you are a person reading this, comment and tell me something nerdy you do or something you do that  you like that other people don't know about. (You can leave anonymous comments if you are really ashamed.)

I'm laying it all on the table: I am a Nerdfighter, I play Magic the Gathering, and I am not ashamed. 

P.S. If you are reading this and you know me and you want to play Magic with me, let's do it! 

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  1. Everyone knows I am nerdy, I don't hide that. DnD has its own terrible, terrible stigma.