Monday, September 27, 2010

your name is the only word that I can say

This weekend I went to the Arcade Fire concert in Saskatoon.
It was amazing.
I took my camera and didn't end up taking any photos or video of the actual show, but I did take a couple pictures I want to share. Here:
Here's some land, and some 'living skies.'

My friend ordered a 1 lb. bacon cheeseburger for supper. He didn't finish it. It was bigger than his face. 

This is some hilarious graffiti we saw in Saskatoon.

   And I bought an Arcade Fire T-shirt. This is what it looks like:
  But if you look at in a mirror, it looks like this:

  The show was just beautiful and incredible, and such an experience.
They started the set with 'Wake Up' which was awesome. And the last song they played was "Rebellion (Lies)" and they ended with just the oooh-ing part, no instruments, and then they walked off stage and for a while everybody was screaming and cheering and clapping for an encore, and then everybody started singing the ooh part again, and so everybody at this sold out show was singing together, waiting for the band to come back. 
  They came back, played two more songs, and then the guy made eye contact with my boyfriend (we were in the standing section, fairly close, and my boyfriend is really tall), pointed at him, and threw him the set list. He didn't catch it, but our friend who was behind him picked it up off the ground, and then the guy threw another one, which my boyfriend caught. So that was pretty awesome.
  The whole trip was just really nice. It was sunny and warm on Saturday, which was a nice change since it's been so cloudy and gross here. I got out and took some autumn-y pictures this weekend and today, so I'll probably post those tomorrow if I get a chance. 
 In the comments, tell me your favourite Arcade Fire song. Or if you don't like Arcade Fire, what's the best concert you've ever been to?
  Have a lovely Monday! Bye.

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  1. My favourite Arcade Fire song is "Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)". Lyrically, it is very poignant; musically, it is very powerful. It was amazing when they played it this weekend.

    My favourite concert - besides the one you posted about (which is the clear winner) - was when I saw B.B. King from front-row center. It was such a fun time with some excellent musicians playing with him in his band.