Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gem stones

I've always loved Gem Stones and crystals since I was little. I used to collect all sorts of stones and rocks but I don't have many any more.
In Moose Jaw there is a little shop that sells gem stones and my sister and I always go there when we're in Moose Jaw, it's one of her favourite places. She has a lot of stones from there and she said "I believe in the power of the earth more than I believe in astrology and other stuff." It's kind of new-agey but I really like it. So I took some photos of some of the stones I have.
Clever Nettle always does posts like this and I find them really beautiful.
This is a worry stone my boyfriend bought me in Ireland. It comes with this saying:
"There are only two things to worry about: either you are well or you are sick. If you are well, then there is nothing to worry about; but if you are sick; there are two things to worry about: either you get well or you will die. If you get well, then there is nothing to worry about. If you die then there are two things to worry about: either you go up or down. If you go up there is nothing to worry about. But if you go down you will be so busy shaking hands with old friends you won't have time to worry."
It's flat and smooth so if you rub it it takes away your worries. 

This is a little rock my boyfriend chipped off some mountain in Europe and brought me.

This is a hunk of Amethyst someone got me a while ago. I think maybe my brother gave it to me. Amethyst is my mom's birthstone. And it's really pretty. 

My parents have one of those rock things that you plug in and it lights up and iodizes the air or something.
This is one of the stones I bought yesterday in Moose Jaw. It's Green Calcite.
"A mental healer, restoring balance to the mind. Helps in letting go of what is familiar but no longer serves, aids in communication and the transition from a stagnant to a positive situation. A powerful stimulator for the immune system."

I bought this one because it's pretty and the description is kind of perfect for my life right now. My sister said she likes the shop because even though the stones are always the same every time you go in there your life is different so you end up looking for something different. And it's more mental than real, because if you think "what I really need is to move on and go towards something better" you really don't need a rock to tell you that, it just might help you realize what you need. Like a horoscope or fortune cookie that fits perfectly, it just tells you what you already know about yourself.

And I bought this one to make into a pendant because it's my favourite colours. It's Chrysocolla.
"A cardinal water element stone, governing the flow of energy & communication. "The teaching stone." Valuable to those who speak for a living. Excellent for sore throats and laryngitis. Teaches the value of both sound and silence."

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  1. I love this post and am glad you shared it! Also, did you know amethyst is said to bring calmness and clarity when there is anxiety or chaos in one's life? It is also known as a stone of transformation. Neat.