Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Guilt-Free Three

John Green (one of my favourite authors and favourite youtubers) said in a question on his VYou page (a site sort of like formspring where people can ask questions but instead of just typing the answers, the person makes a video in response) that he has never heard of himself being in anyone's Guilt-Free Three. (Your list of three famous people who you would do if you got the chance and who your significant other would be okay with you doing, theoretically...) Wow I am explaining a lot of things in brackets. I hope you're following.

Okay, so John Green said on his  VYou page that he'd never heard of him being in anyone's Guilt-Free Three and he actually has a google alert set up so if anyone on the internet says "John Green Guilt-Free Three", he will find out. So maybe he'll see this and get a little confidence boost, but even if he doesn't I just wanted to share mine because I think it's a fun idea.

My Guilt-Free Three are:

1.) John Green

2.) John Krasinski

3.) Jay Baruchel

Apparently I have a thing for guys named John/Jonathon.

All of these guys are way older than me and two of them are married. Plus I'm in a relationship, too. So it would never happen but that's the fun of having a Guilt-Free Three.

Tell me who's in your guilt-free Three in the comments!

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