Friday, March 18, 2011

Songs About Days of The Week.

I was planning on posting this later because I wanted to finish a book today and add it to my list, but the day has zoomed past me and I didn't finish a book and I'm posting this anyways. Happy day after St. Patrick's Day, everyone.

If you haven't heard of Rebecca Black you probably gave up the internet for Lent. Or you just don't talk to people.
This young girl made a song and it went viral on youtube and it's pretty funny but people are taking it way out of hand (as they often do) and saying that she represents everything wrong with the music industry and sending her death threats on Twitter and stuff...not cool.

But anyways, one of the funnier lyrics in the song (watch it here) is when she breaks it down for you in the bridge.
"Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday. Today it is Friday, Friday.....Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards. I don't want this weekend to end."

and while it's stupid to list the days of the week as a song lyric, a lot of great songs have done it in the past. So here is my playlist of  Songs about days of the week. (I know this idea isn't all that original but I thought it was fun anyways.)

Monday, Monday by The Mamas & The Papas  "Monday, Monday, so good to me..."

Manic Monday by The Bangles "It's just another manic Monday, I wish it was Sunday..."

Pieces of Me by Ashlee Simpson  "On a Monday I am waiting, Tuesday I am fading, and by Wednesday I can't sleep..."

Friday I'm in Love by The Cure  The entire song is just talking about how the other days of the week can suck it because Friday is awesome. That's right, hipsters. People who make fun of Rebecca Black are also making fun of The Cure. Yup.
*As a side note, this is one of my favourite songs to sing on SingStar. And also I kind of want this Threadless shirt.

Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting by Elton John

I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas Let's end on a high note, shall we? this lyrical gem offers the poetic line, "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Friday, Saturday, Saturday, Sunday." Really, Black Eyed Peas? Really? Two Saturdays? Rebecca Black may not be a poet but at least she knows there is only one Saturday per week.

If I missed any, leave them in comments. Have a good weekend everybody.

Books Read So Far: 6 or whatever. Shameful.
Currently Reading: Still The Element. I can't read non-fiction books quickly apparently. I'm going to finish it, though. I will.


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  1. Sunday, Bloody Sunday - U2
    Sunday Morning - k-os
    Sunday Morning - Velvet Underground
    Blue Monday - New Order
    Rainy Days and Mondays - The Carpenters
    Saturday in the Park - Chicago