Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Purple Hair

Remember that time in Gilmore Girls when Lane Kim dyed her hair purple for like 20 minutes?
Well...I did that! except I didn't dye it back my natural colour immediately afterwards.

My whole head isn't purple, unlike Lane's. We streaked it using a cap. I didn't like the cap.

Even though my friend told me it would hurt a lot, it didn't. It hurt a little when she pulled the hair through, but not THAT much. And it didn't hurt at all when we took the cap off.

What it looked like wet.

What it looked like (mostly) dry. It's very subtle in most lighting, which I like. 

love the bangs.

Like I said, it's subtle in most light (yellow light) but the fluorescent light in my closet (white light) makes it look like this.

And that's the end of my narcissistic blog post about my hair. Hope you enjoyed. 
Back to regularly scheduled programming later this week.

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