Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pocketful of Sunshine

I am having a really bummer week.
The weather is so bad here. It's not even that it's rainy, it's just that it's sort of...drizzly every day. So it's grey and overcast but without the promise of a really good rainstorm. I wish it would just pour and then be sunny, but no, it's this stupid in-between weather so my allergies are acting up and I wake up with a sinus headache every day. And you know, when it's not sunny I feel more depressed.
And besides that I've just been feeling down about some things so I've been really lazy and unmotivated lately. Which means I haven't been too inspired to create anything and I haven't had any really good ideas for a blog post.

So, in an effort to squelch the negativity and spread the sunshine, here are some things that did make me happy so far this week.

1. The Sasquatch Schedule came out. So we could plan which bands we would go see at which times and stuff. That was exciting. I realize it's probably not a big deal to anybody not going to the festival but the line-up is so awesome! 14 sleeps until we leave!

2. This letter I read in Entertainment Weekly about the article they had a couple issues ago about the last Harry Potter movie:

"Every time I see 'the end' in one of your Harry Potter features, I get a bit teary-eyed. I started readingSorcerer's Stone in first grade, and will be watching Part 2 soon after graduating from high school. So I prefer to think of 'the end' this way: Harry will only truly have left this world when none here are loyal to him."

3. This commercial.


4. This moment

Books Read So Far in 2011: 14
Currently Reading: Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger

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