Monday, January 9, 2012

My Favourite Clothes Right Now

these sweet grey jeans I got on sale after Christmas. 

these dark jeans I got last fall. 

this grey sweater that's really soft and comfy and has three buttons at the top on the back ...they are just fake buttons for looks but I think it's a cool detail.

this navy and white striped sweater with three gold buttons on the shoulder. 

this cool granny-esque black and white sweater with only one clasp on the front. It's really soft and fuzzy.

this red cardigan I got in the fall

...with big shiny buttons!

And, because it's winter and I am back at school and can dress casually/frumpily, I like bunnyhugs!

like this blue one that is really comfy

and this one that my boyfriend's cousin's boyfriend from England gave to my boyfriend and then I stole from him. That was complicated. Whatever, it's super comfy and huge and I really like it even though it is not very flattering. 

Oh, and also I got new glasses. That's fashion-related even though it's not clothes.

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