Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Can't Get Rid of things, Can't Keep Everything" [BEDA 22]

The title of this post is from this song and it is pretty much how I've felt lately while packing.
I realized that "the end of April" is actually, like...this week. Which means I'm moving.

And way back at the beginning of the month when I decided to do this project, I kind of frantically typed up a bunch of random ideas into a word doc, called "blog post ideas", things I thought I might want to write about at some point this month. I've ignored pretty much all of those ideas.

At the beginning of the month I thought I might want to make a blog post sharing some of the things I found while packing.
Well I spent most of today packing and I did find some cool stuff, but I thought maybe it was too personal for my blog.

Then I remembered that I wanted this BEDA project to serve as a scrapbook for this transitional time in my life, so here are a few things I found while packing:

A Trip Down Memory Lane
-a letter my grandma wrote me in January 2011...the last she ever wrote me, because she got sick in April.
It started "Dear BFF and ever and ever after that" and was signed "The silly grandma"

-a note my mom wrote me in January of 2007 saying she and my dad would support me in my decision to enter into the program I did at the University I was cool finding that, having just finished that exact program three days ago.

-tons of birthday cards, notes, letters, postcards, ticket stubs, programs of plays I was in and plays I went to see...I keep EVERYTHING.

-copies of my old school newspaper, including some collaborative poetry that my friend and I wrote together...we did a series of Haikus that we wrote in biology class and called it "Biology: What Happens After Lunch"...we were cool.

-old journals from high school to university (I stopped keeping journals in about my 2nd year.)

-a hilarious thing my friend once made me for a birthday present. It's a fake magazine article from one of those teeny-bopper mags she and I used to read when we worked at the book store. It's an article about how Zach Braff and I are dating, featuring photoshopped pictures of my face superimposed onto some girl he's hugging's body. Pretty hilarious.

That's all that comes to mind. My brain is dead from packing. I'm gonna go either read a book or continue watching Season 2 of The Office for the billionth time (what I've been doing all day while packing.)
More tomorrow.

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