Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Everyone I Know Is Broken or Broke or Both

Here are some photos from my life lately.

I painted this at my friend's house and put it up at Stephen's house (now my house, too). It's in the front entryway. Based on this song.

When I moved to a bigger house, Sam got a bigger house, too.
I am pretty sure he is dying,though...

Breakfast one morning. I love this cute teapot from my grandma.
It only makes about 1 1/2 of those huge mugs, but it's so adorable I have to use it!

Part of the commute.

Train on the way out of the city.

I am getting settled here. I really like the quiet of being outside the city. And I really like having a big yard to do work in. I feel close to my mom and my grandmas when I am gardening. So far I have just been raking and cleaning up leaves and garbage (this house is on a corner lot so there is a LOT of yard.)
I can see hints of things coming up - some tulips and other things, but nobody lived in this house for a while before Stephen bought it and I don't know how well the previous owners cared for the yard, so I will wait a few weeks to see what comes up, and then maybe do some planting of my own!
Any tips/recommendations from gardeners/garden-lovers?

I'll update later this week when I get my new tattoo. I hope you are all having a SPLENDID week!

P.S. The title of this post is taken from this song, because I finally got the album and sweatshirt in the mail...two months later. 

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