Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 Albums I Love Right Now

5. Here by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
      I am a big fan of this band. "Home" was my summer anthem two summers ago, and somewhat last summer as well. So far I've only listened to this album a couple of times and I don't love it as much as Up From Below but it is still really good.
     Check out "That's What's Up"

4. Synthetica by Metric
      Metric has been one of my favourite bands for a long time. I loved seeing them at Sasquatch, I can't wait to see them again at Osheaga, and they are coming to my home town in the fall so I may just see them again. Anyways, the new record is killer. I am loving it and can't wait to dance to it again outside in Montreal in a month and a bit. 
     Check out "Breathing Underwater".

3. Adventures In Your Own Backyard by Patrick Watson

      I love Patrick Watson. He has a beautiful voice, he's a talented musician and songwriter and his live show is great. This new album is really good. I listened to it a couple times this week driving on the highway in stormy weather, and it is the perfect soundtrack for that.
      Check out "Quiet Crowd".

2. What We Saw from the Cheap Seats by Regina Spektor
     I have been a Regina Spektor fan for a long time so I was really excited for this album and it did not disappoint. I really like it. It's got all the usual Regina stuff - some fun dance songs, some slow piano ballads, and some crazy weird stuff. 
     Check out "The Party".

1. Bloom by Beach House
     This band is great, this album is great. Last summer I was really into Teen Dream after Sasquatch, and this summer I am loving this one. It's dreamy, uplifting, sad, and beautiful.
      Check out "Myth".

What are you listening to right now? Any recommendations?

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