Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Osheaga Day 1 - Friday

     I spent last weekend in Montréal, Quebec, attending Osheaga music festival.
It was very different from Sasquatch. It was in my own country so there was no hassle with customs or exchanging money or anything, but it was in Quebec and I am not bilingual so that was different. It was also a much smaller festival, it seemed. It was harder to navigate. And it was only 3 days.
     Also unlike Sasquatch, this festival is in a city, not in the middle of nowhere, Washington. This meant no camping for us - we got to go back to a hotel and shower and eat food and sleep in a bed each night which was just marvelous.
     I really enjoyed the festival and the weekend. I was with some of my favourite people in the world, in a beautiful city, listening to awesome music outside. What more could I ask for?

The first band we saw on Friday was The Walkmen. It was unbearable hot out. In the West we are not used to humidity. If it is humid out that means it will storm soon and the humidity will pass. But in Montreal, it was wet and hot the entire time we were there. So the sun was beating down on us and we were all sweating, but it was a good show.

After this show we decided we had to find shade, and the next thing we all really cared about wasn't for a few hours so we found a shady spot by another stage and saw Freelance Whales and The Jezebels.

After taking a break to eat, we saw Franz Ferdinand on the main stage which was awesome. A lot of the bands we saw this weekend were bands we all loved in high school so it was a bit nostalgic.

My photos are all a bit soft because my camera didn't know what to make of the sun.

The two main stages were right beside each other and acts alternated between them so there was never a lull. One stage would have a performer while crew members set up the other stage so it was ready to go as soon as the current set finished. I thought that was great organization.

So immediately after Franz Ferdinand we saw The Weeknd (above), then Florence and the Machine (below).

Florence Welch looks a bit like a coked-out witch, particularly when the screen flashes and changes during a photograph.

She was a super weird performer, but really entertaining, especially when she did a finale of two of her best songs (in my opinion) - Shake It Out and The Dog Days Are Over.

After The Weeknd we snuck up closer to the inactive stage and watched Florence from afar because we wanted a good spot for Sigur Rós.

They were the only group all weekend who had their own videos to play on the screens. This is the computer background while the videos were being set up.

And for me, the best show of the weekend was on Friday night, so the rest of the festival just felt like a bonus. Sigur Rós!!!!!!

They were amazing live. I cried the minute Hoppípolla started. Granted, I cry when that song comes on my iPod but seeing it live was an unforgettable experience.

I love love loved it.

An example of their beautiful videography during songs.

At the end everyone who helped with the performance (band members, people running the videos, and a baby) came on stage and bowed. It was adorable!

After Sigur Rós we saw Justice, but only briefly. We were all exhausted from walking around all morning, then standing in the heat at the festival for hours. My one friend really wanted to stay and regrets that he didn't make us stay longer but at the time he was being nice and letting us go to bed.

And that was day one!

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