Saturday, August 11, 2012

Osheaga Day 3 - Sunday

     Sunday was the best day of the festival, music-wise. It was non-stop awesome bands all day.
     Unfortunately it was rainy that day so I did not take my camera out. I didn't have a waterproof backpack. I wrapped some things like my phone and passport in my raincoat inside my backpack but I just didn't want to risk wrecking my camera and I knew I wouldn't be able to take many photos anyway. So to make up for it here is a photo of Notre Dame Cathedral I took on the Friday. 

     One of the biggest disappointments was that we weren't able to see MGMT on Friday night because they were at the exact same time as Sigur Rós. There was half an hour where MGMT was still playing after Sigur Rós finished, but this is the annoying part. Two of the stages were really far away from the other stages and people had to walk up these stairs and over this man-made overpass which was basically a scaffolding, then down the stairs to get to the stage. It was always really congested and took a while, and MGMT was at the furthest away stage on the other side of the overpass. So we couldn't go.
     Well, on Sunday there were a few times where we were alternating between the far away stage ("Scène verte") and the main stage. So that was pretty annoying, but other than that it was a great day!

     When we first arrived Passion Pit was playing because they had been moved to an earlier time. As we walked in it poured rain for about 10 minutes which was the first of many times we were soaked that day. Seeing Passion Pit was great. I've never seen them live before and I really like their music.
     After Passion Pit was Common, which my friend said was "sooo much better than Snoop Lion."
     We went and stood for Santigold who had some similar antics as her show at Sasquatch (the horse costume, the dancers, pulling audience members on stage to sing with her) but she had a slightly different set list and it was really good. It was really hot out during her set because the rain had let up and the sun was shining.
     We saw Tame Impala right after and got really close to the inactive stage. Another thing I forgot to mention from Friday was that there was someone manning a fire hose at the main stages, hosing down audience members. On Friday we got hosed down after the sun went down, which was annoying because we were already cooled off and we didn't dry off all night. We got hosed down during Tame Impala, which was pretty refreshing after standing in the sun for Santigold.
     After Tame Impala was the Shins which we had an awesome spot for, and I was excited to see them again, and everyone around us was excited and just when they came out and started playing Kissing the Lipless, it poured rain. I really like when it rains at outdoor shows, as long as it doesn't get too cold. I think it kind of brings everyone together in a cheesy way. Like "yeah we are soaking wet but we are effing listening to The Shins!" James Mercer said "I'm just about as wet as you all are!" because the rain was splashing the stage. However, after the rain let up and it was clear the sun was not coming back, Hose Guy came out and hosed us all down! Even though we were already soaked.
     The Shins were amazing. So crazy to me that I've seen them live twice. We left about 5 or 10 minutes before the end to see all of Bloc Party, who were on Scène verte (the far away stage.) For a few minutes it looked like Bloc Party might not play because all their stuff was covered in tarps and it was still raining but they did play and it was awesome!!!
     We trekked back to the main stage through the mud to see Metric, who had already started, and left before they finished to see M83 at Scène verte. Metric was awesome. Emily Haines is beautiful talented amazing.
     M83 wins best light show for the festival and they were really fun. It stopped raining, and a stranger gave me a glowstick to wave around and dance with.
     After M83 we went back to the main stage to see The Black Keys but we only stayed for a few songs because everyone wanted to go home, we were exhausted and wet and our feet hurt. I kind of wanted to stay to see the finale and see if any other bands joined them but I had seen The Black Keys before and didn't want to make everyone stay so we left for showers and food and beds.
It was a great festival and a great weekend.

My Band Total was: Friday - 8, Saturday - 10, Sunday - 9. Overall Total: 27 bands in 3 days.
Not bad.

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