Sunday, October 21, 2012

born to multiply, born to gaze into night skies. All you want is one more Saturday.

Northern Lights a few weeks ago

hot air balloon by my friend's place in the city

Stephen's grandma gave me some new plants. This one is rooting before I can pot it.

Plant behind the curtain

I bought myself flowers for the dining table because fall is bumming me out

This little monster lives in our kitchen window. he's from a Kinder Surprise.

my nephews found these stones in the garden during summer and gave them to me.
the one on the left from the four-year-old and the one on the right from the two-year-old.

mic in the studio.

our beautiful pumpkin from our friend's mom's garden.
Waiting to be carved next weekend.

bamboo plant and globe.

bought and watched this lovely film this weekend. Love it.


  1. Hey just came across your blog for the first time! I was on Keiko Lynn's and wanted to see your moonrise kingdom costume. Love it! Such a great movie

  2. Thanks. Yeah, it is a great movie and it was a fun costume!