Sunday, December 16, 2012

Favourite TV Christmas Episodes

 Last week I was sick and spent a lot of time at home watching Christmas specials on my laptop.
Here are some of my favourite TV Christmas specials (that I watched last week and in general)

1. I really like all of The Office's Christmas episodes but my favourite has got to be Season 2's "Christmas Party."

but I am going to give honorable mentions to the openings from Season 3's "A Benihana Christmas"

and Season 7's "Classy Christmas"

2. My So-Called Life's "So-Called Angels"

A beautiful and emotional Christmas episode and yet it also fits really well into the arc of the series.

3. Community's "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas"

Clever and hilarious. I also really liked last season's "Regional Holiday Music".
This show is good at being a show.

4. Gossip Girl's Season 1 Christmas episode, "Roman Holiday".

This was when the show was in its prime.
I love Dan and Serena in this episode and their storyline about finding each other gifts.
I love the Rufus and Lily drama.
I love Blair and her story with her dad.
It's a great episode. A+

5. Boy Meets World - Season 6's "Santa's Little Helpers" (not to be confused with Season 1's "Santa's Little Helper.")

The scene where Eric is praying on the it.

6.  Hey Arnold - "Arnold's Christmas"

I rewatched this last year for the first time since I was a kid and realized how deep and intense this episode was for a kid's show. It still holds up.

7. and while we're on the subject of kids' shows..
Adventure Time's "Holly Jolly Secrets"

It's the Ice King's origin story, and also a cute Christmas episode.

What are some of your favourite TV Christmas specials?

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