Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day of Pink - Anti-Bullying Day

Today, is the International Day of Pink. Held annually on the second Wednesday of April, it is an anti-bullying event.
It started in Nova Scotia with two boys who heard that a young boy at their high school had been bullied for wearing pink, called a faggot and threatened. The boys communicated with classmates and the next day, many of the students at the school showed up wearing pink to show the bullies they weren't as large or powerful a group as they thought.
The initiative caught on and this year it was sponsered by the Red Cross.

Students and staff at my school wore these awesome shirts today:

and to celebrate, I thought I would cover a Pink song (Pink, get it?) about bullying and self-esteem.
I am a bit sick so don't mind the crappy singing.
Also, I covered the radio version because my mom doesn't like the vulgarity of the original.


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