Monday, February 9, 2015

5 At Home Date Night Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentines Day is on Saturday. Here are some ideas for fun dates if you and your sweetie don't feel like going out, making reservations, dressing up, spending big bucks, etc. but still want to spend time together. 

1. Candlelit dinner and dessert
Cook for each other or cook together. For dessert I recommend making your own chocolate-covered strawberries.
You will need: strawberries, crushed chocolate, a pot, a glass bowl that fits into the top of the pot, a spoon, wax paper, water, and a stove.
  • Put a couple inches of water into the pot. 
  • Put your chocolate into the bowl. 
  • Put the bowl into the pot. It should sit in the top of the pot but not touch the water. 
  • Put the pot on the stove and turn the stove on to low-med. The water will heat up and the steam will melt the chocolate.
  • Stir the chocolate with the spoon as it melts. 
  • Holding the stem of a strawberry, dip the strawberry into the chocolate. 
  • Set on wax paper to harden. Do not refrigerate.

2. Chocolates and a Movie
Get your favourite chocolates or bring the strawberries to the couch after supper and watch your favourite romantic movie. If you need suggestions check out my recommendations from last year here

3. Read to Each Other 
Take turns reading aloud to each other from a book of romantic poetry or a romantic novel. This is a nice way to enjoy a story together if you're trying to cut down on screen time.

4. Board Games and Records
Another way to spend time together without screens is to play a game together and listen to music. Backgammon is a favourite in our house. Listen to a record you both love or one that's special to your relationship.

5. Play Music Together
If you or your partner are musical, play some music for or with each other. Serenade your partner with love songs you've written for them, or perform covers of your favourite love songs, or write one together!

Happy Valentines Day!

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