Thursday, February 26, 2015

Parks and Recreation Series Finale Reaction

I watched the Parks and Recreation series finale tonight. Since I did a blog post when The Office ended, it seemed fitting for me to do one about this.

I loved this show. It is one of my favourite shows and such a feel good show for me. I find it funny, sad, inspirational, surprising, and heart-warming. And of course, Leslie Knope is my hero.
I loved the show so much and I loved the final episode. 

Leslie Knope is an amazing character. She is ambitious, caring, hard-working, funny, and weird. The show did a great job of evolving her character from an annoying workaholic with a heart of gold in season 1 to the amazing leader, mother, and friend she was in the final episode.
I relate to her character and admire her character so much, and I am just so thankful that somebody like that existed on TV. Leslie Knope makes the world a better place.

I thought this episode was perfect. It was funny and weird and fit with the tone of the show perfectly. The writers gave all the characters great endings, and wrapped up everyone's story really well. There were so many sweet, touching moments between characters and everyone got their own last word. 

This episode perfectly exemplified some of the best themes of the show. It was about growth, and no matter where you're at in life, how old you are, or how scary it is, you can always try something new. It was about taking chances and knowing everything will be alright because people who love you will have your back even if things don't work out. 

It was about community and friendship, and I loved that the final season was a flash-forward, and I loved all the flash-forwards in the finale because it showed that the characters' friendships were lifelong friendships and that makes me so happy, and inspires me. Even though the characters all moved away and their lives went in different directions they are still a family and they all love each other forever.

It was about supporting people you love, and it was about following your dreams. I loved it.

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