Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Trilogy Part 2: Spring Fashion

Part 2 of my spring trilogy is all about fashion!
I am all about spring fashion year-round. I love to wear floral patterns and bright colours so I am thrilled when I start to see people around me sporting these awesome trends.

Below are a few of my favourite spring looks this year, but first.. my new spring jacket!

I have a black Columbia raincoat that I love. It is perfect for working in the yard, camping, and travelling (since it compresses really small and is lightweight). I just wanted something a bit less sporty to suit my everyday style. I was looking for something like my turquoise peacoat - something a bit longer, belted at the waist, and colourful, but waterproof and with a hood. These criteria are pretty specific, but lucky me, I found the perfect thing and it was 50% off! I love the jacket and have gotten many compliments on it.

My friend took this photo of me when we were in Saskatoon over spring break.

Now, here are some of my favorite spring looks:

Thanks to Stephen for taking all the outfit photos.
Which look is your favourite?

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